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Underfloor Heating - Repair and Installation

The Central Heating Hub offers a vast range of underfloor and over floor heating options.
Our decade long experience means we can design and install the correct system for your property that will work the way you want. 
Design - Our experience guarantees correct underfloor heating design.
Supply- We source only the highest standard materials within the industry
Install- All of the engineers are full-time, fully qualified heating engineers 
Coupled with our capable office team All of our work is backed by HubCare 365

Worcester Bosch Underfloor Heating

All types of systems can use underfloor heating technology including gas boilers electric boilers oil boilers, air to water heat pumps and ground source heat pumps.


Ground source heat pumps use the heat from the ground to heat your home through pipes buried in your garden. The heat can then be transferred to your warm air heating, hot water, radiators or underfloor heating systems


The ground remains the same temperature all year long making it a reliable alternative to more traditional heating systems.


Depending on the size of your garden the length of the ground loop will differ. Naturally longer loops will absorb more heat, however this means that more space is then required. If general space is lacking, instead of a horizontal loop- a vertical borehole can be drilled as an alternative!