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Greenstar CDi Classic Combi with Which 2016

Simple Boiler Repair and Fault Finding from £49.99 use code 50NJ120


All our heating engineers are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of boiler faults and fault finding. We work closely with all boiler manufacturers including Worcester Bosch, Baxi, Glow Worm, Potterton, Vokera, Ferroli, Ideal, Alpha, and Vaillant.
This provides knowledge and enables our team to advise and deliver the best results boiler diagnostics and stay up to date with the latest fault finding technics. Our aim is to deliver and fastest boiler repairs possible. 



Boiler Repairs are an essential process. It could be a simple repair and could save you a lot of money compared to replacing your faulty boiler with a new boiler. If your boiler has a fault call us and we will do everything we can to get your boiler and central heating running again. 

You choose One-Off- Boiler-Repair*, Gas boiler repair, Oil boiler repair, Lpg boiler repair and Electric Boiler Repair we offer a high-quality boiler repair for all our customers! 


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One-off Boiler Service - Annual Boiler Service - Gas, Oil, Lpg & Electric

from £83.88 cheaper with discount code LA11019

Annual boiler servicing could prolong the life span of the boiler. 

At the Central Heating Hub we always check the inside of the boiler too. Our aim is to keep your boiler running without faults and as efficiently as possible. Booking our annual boiler service enables our heating engineers to spot boiler issues before they become a problem.


Spotting seeps on seals and replacing boiler parts can help your boiler last longer. Seeps inside the boiler could drip onto electrodes, leads to the fan, and worst-case your boiler PCB (Printed Circuit Board). These can be very expensive repairs and in most cases easily avoided by annual boiler service or boiler cover plan. Ask our team about HubCare plans.  


Boiler servicing is carried out by our own Central Heating Hub engineers, we do not use subcontractors. The boiler service takes around 45min and includes, boiler service, visual check inside the boiler, flue analysis and adjustment if required. Check out our offers page to see if we are offering FREE gas safety check**, FREE gas safety certificate**

HubCare Our Very Own Boiler Cover from £3 per month equivalent


Looking for an alternative boiler cover? We put all our customers first and are open 365 days a year. HubCare boiler plans are designed to give you the protection and support you need. When you have faults with your boiler, boiler controls, central heating, and plumbing we will be there.


Simply call our bathroom and boiler shop, use any of the numbers at the bottom of this page, speak to our friendly customer service team and we will get you booked in. All our heating engineers are highly trained and experienced with boiler faults. We work closely with all boiler manufacturers including Worcester Bosch, Baxi, Glow Worm, Potterton, Vokera, Ferroli, Ideal, Alpha, and Vaillant. This enables our team to advise and deliver the best results boiler diagnostics and stay up to date with the latest fault finding technics. Our aim is to deliver and fastest boiler repairs possible. 


Out of hours or when our boiler and bathroom shop is closed simply leave a voicemail and an engineer will call you when on route to your home. 


Take out one of our HubCare plans today and get covered right away.

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Revealed: The top 8 most popular gas boiler spares


With well over 20 million gas boilers installed across the UK, installer access to spare parts is key to ensuring homeowners can count on a reliable, energy-efficient heating system throughout the winter months.


As the peak heating season draws to a close, Plumbase reveals which gas boiler spares categories have proved the most popular:


8 – Pressure Relief Safety Valves

The rise in the combi boiler means a sealed system will be the norm for most homes around the country. While the Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) may be vital in ensuring the boiler doesn’t become an over-pressurized safety risk, it’s fairly common for a boiler’s PRV to wear after a good number of years being subjected to contaminants within the system water.

7 – Gaskets, seals, and diaphragms

It goes without saying that keeping a system sealed means gaskets, seals, and diaphragms need to stay as tight as possible. A diaphragm or seal made of rubber might be nice and flexible, but rubber is also known to wear over a number of years or be easily damaged during servicing or repair work, making replacements fairly standard practice.

6 – Expansion vessels

The expansion of water when it heats will be a familiar concept, hence the importance of an expansion vessel. But when the water entering the expansion vessel is particularly dirty – as might be the case with older systems, or those which haven’t been flushed – corrosion of the expansion vessel can occur. A replacement is usually the best course of action if the vessel leaks air or water.

5 – Fans

The boiler’s fan might be one of its most-used components, such is its role in ejecting waste gases via the flue. Bearings and speed controllers can fail from time-to-time though – particularly when the boiler has been used every day for a number of years.


4 – Gas valves

This part does exactly what the name suggests – controls the amount of gas flowing to the flame to allow the boiler to create heat without any risk of a leak. This is a spare part with a tendency to fail over the course of time on boilers of all shapes and sizes.


3 – Automatic air vents (AAV)

There’s very little more irritating than a noisy heating system – a problem which is generally caused by air having entered the system. An automatic air vent (AAV) is a handy little device that will release any excess air from the system by itself. It can also be susceptible to blockage or failure caused by system sludge though, so having a spare handy is a wise move.


2 – Heat exchangers

Like any boiler component – particularly those exposed to the system water – heat exchangers are susceptible to wear and tear. Whether through a build-up of limescale in a hard water area, or a build-up of sludge from within the system, any unwanted contaminants have the potential to harm the heat exchanger. It’s not a component that can be repaired, so if the boiler’s outside of its warranty, a replacement will be the only answer.

1 – PCBs

As the boiler’s nerve center the PCB controls every electrical component, ranging from the fan to the LED screen. The solder that holds the circuit board together can deteriorate over time, damage can occur from leaking water, and cracks or fractures aren’t unheard of either. As these are not easily repaired on-site, if at all, it is usually much more time and cost-effective to replace with a new one. Identifying the right PCB for the boiler you’re working on is critical, so it makes sense to seek advice from us or book one of our highly qualified and gas safe registered engineers, either over the phone or email. Posted by: jsharpe on February 28, 2018 in Articles

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