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We've got a large variety of radiators to choose from, sourcing them from the industry's finest such as Stelrad and Myson - you are able to choose from their outstanding product range of high quality radiators.

Incorporating excellent products into our services to give our customers the satisfaction they deserve is The Central Heating Hub way!

Offering the correct radiator to suit you what ever your needs, efficiency, design, safety.


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Look at Stelrad's Brochure!

Stelrad Radiator

"Stelrad is always looking to bring innovative products to market and extend its wide product range even further. Whether that is developing a spectacular designer radiator or adding efficiency to traditional panel radiators, Stelrad is innovative in every sense of the word.

Innovation, quality and customer service are the key to Stelrad’s business."

-Stelrad About us


Look at MYSON's Brochures!

The MYSON radiator range extends beyond the traditional steel panel radiator, and includes an extensive choice of decorative radiators, safety products, such as the LST, innovative ground-breaking products like the ULOW-E2 and an extensive electric collection, which includes panel and designer options.
-MYSON's About us

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Heritage; Distinctively Individual.

Having been established in Bristol in 1985, Heritage Bathrooms has become a brand synonymous with iconic, classic design products, and an uncompromising commitment to quality and service.With a team of incredible designers with a passion for bathrooms with personality, discover how you can make your bathroom distinctively individual!