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Bosch Smart Home Range
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How can Bosch Smart Home make life my easier?
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Bosch Smart Home products allow your home to automatically control regular processes. Networked devices communicate with one another and automatically adjust to changing circumstances in your daily routine. Your benefit: you no longer have to worry about details and have more time to enjoy life. An intelligent heating control, for instance, saves energy costs and creates a cosy climate. With automated house surveillance your home is protected around the clock. Thanks to intuitive operation via smartphone app the Smart Home System can be easily controlled, even when you are not at home. 


Bosch Smart Home solutions make life at home both easier and enriching. Thanks to their automated daily activities, you wont have to lift a finger- WHILST still retaining 100% control over all functions!


With Bosch Smart Home your priorities are key. Protect what you hold dear; the people you love, your home and everything in it. Bosch Smart Home's security solutions provide both protection and additional functions! 

With Bosch Smart Home beating energy waste has never been easier. Save money on valuable energy used for heating, indoor climate and lighting! By cleverly linking the appliances withing your home! 

Energy Efficiency 

How much do smart gadgets and controls cost?

It really depends on what you’re buying. Our team at the Central Heating Hub are on hand to advise, supply and install your new smart hoe system. Some gadgets are relatively cheap to buy, but go for a fancy smart fridge and you could be looking at spending thousands. Smart home ‘starter kits’, such as ones featured in our smart home hub reviews, generally come with a main smart hub and a selection of connected items, such as motion sensors, smart lights, cameras, radiator valves or smart plugs. They can cost between £100 and £200, and then you add other compatible gadgets. Many home hubs and gadgets are free to use so you only have to pay a one-off fee. But others, such as some wireless security cameras, offer a subscription service as an added extra. So you may end up needing to pay extra in order to store or access footage. 


Are smart gadgets worth buying?  

Smart gadgets are brilliant - they can save you energy and running cost. Your home can be controlled with the swipe of a finger or just the sound of your voice. Combining what you are looking for under one app is best time to bring us in. The Central Heating Hub can help with your design an installation. Some smart gadgets don't always work well together, so you could have to juggle multiple apps and systems. Also, many products sold as smart aren’t actually 'smart' at all. However it is your personal preference and what you are looking to do that will help us design and install what smart home products are right for you. Smart thermostat may learn when you want your heating on and then set the temperature automatically over the course of the day without you having to do anything. However, far too many so-called smart products simply connect to the internet and add a rather modest extra layer of functionality. Then there are also products that seem to have no need to be smart at all. A kettle, for example, could be switched on via an app on your phone, but it won’t also make you a cup of tea. Not yet any way. 

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