Servicing is important for any boiler, having an oil-fired boiler serviced regularly can increase it's efficiency and save you money on your energy bills!

Oil Boiler Servicing


There are various reasons why you should get your Oil fired boiler serviced regularly, however there is one in particular that is usually taken into consideration the most:


There are a lot of factors that play their own individual parts when it comes to helping you keep your Oil boiler running the best it can!


  1. As your boiler is in constant use, the heat exchange within it can be affected by semi burnt fuel deposits and a constant chain of smoke can ultimately lead to the formation of soot within the boiler's heat exchange, a build up large enough will limit the actual amount of heat that will be used on heating your water. Get your heat exchange cleaned and you will surely notice the difference!

  2. Ever wonder why sometimes a boiler that hasn't been serviced regularly enough will frequently switch on and off? Well, within the boiler are photocells that are in place as a safety feature that actually detect if the boiler is lit or not. Without being serviced regularly the photocells will often get dirt covering them, making it much harder for them to detect the burner flame accurately- thus shutting your boiler off! It goes without saying that a boiler that is frequently shutting down and booting up again will be much less efficient than a boiler that is running effectively for long periods of time!

  3. Another service that requires regular attention would be the Oil nozzles within your boiler, these nozzles actually regulate how much oil passes through the burner itself. These nozzles are consumable pieces that will begin to wear out over time directly affecting combustion and thus lowering the over all efficiency of your boiler! Without timed replacements they end up causing layers of soot om the heat exchange!

    What more can we say to encourage you to get your boiler serviced?