NEW Worcester Bosch hybrid Oil burner installed by ​The Central Heating Hub gives us the NOx emissions required by the ErP Directive.


Oil Boiler Installation service and repair. We are Worcester Bosch Accredited and Oftec registered. Our Prices start from £49.99 



The Central Heating Hub is a local company with full time employed staff and engineers. We are a popular choice for oil boiler installations, offering only the finest levels of professionalism as well as providing an unrivaled benefit of our over a decade worth of experience working with oil fueled appliances in any location


Frequently Asked Questions?

Aside from the installation itself, we find our customers have a lot of questions when it comes to New-Oil-fired-Boilers. We're going to answer some frequently asked questions!

1. "If I'm replacing my current oil boiler will i have to replace my oil storage tank too?"
Depending on the installation, legally you won't have to. The only instances where you will have to replace your oil tank is when the tank itself is then made less compliant with the laws surrounding it after the new appliance is fitted. Please note that if you do not change your oil tank and you do have a fire/pollution incident-WHILST not complying with current legislation insurance claims can be made against you. *We strongly advise you to consider upgrading your oil tank at the same time as your boiler!*

2. "Can i have a oil-fired boiler that isn't condensing?"

Generally speaking, no. Throughout England, Wales Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Guernsey and the Isle of Man, boilers will need to the condensing type unless we obtain a formal exemption from OFTEC themselves, to find out more of the specifics get in touch with our customer service team who will be able to assist you further!

3. "What options do i have for draining the boiler condensate?"
There are various options for safely disposing of the condensate, depending on your property and how everything is set the options will differ as some will be more suited to you than others. The condensate can be drained at any of the following points:


  • Rainwater hopper that is part of a larger system

  • Waste pipe

  • Internal stack pipe

  • Purpose-made soak-way

Updates to our Greenstar oil boiler range


Published: 13-07-2018 in Products

Low NOx Oil Burners : A Slow Burn Towards Oil Efficiency

The nature of the UK’s oil usage may have exempted it from the NOx emissions limits introduced in 2015, but that is about to change.
When the ErP Directive was introduced back in September 2015, so too were limits on the NOx emissions for oil, gas and all other fuels. As a result, low NOx
appliances became mandatory. At the time, the UK gained an exemption because of its unique status as being the only country relying on a significant volume of oil boilers, but also the producer of its own fuel, kerosene.

Oil boiler usage elsewhere had run on gas oil or diesel. The unique combination of kerosene-fuelled oil boilers, as well as the sheer number sited within domestic properties, led to the UK government and the oil boiler industry successfully lobbying for a relaxation of the emissions rulings. This allowed UK technology to be
developed accordingly. The grace period we were granted three years ago is now coming to an end, but not without various boiler manufacturers, including Worcester,
having developed boilers capable of achieving lower emissions level



What makes a low NOx oil boiler?
For the last three years, the aim has been to achieve low NOx emissions while maintaining the original and familiar footprint of a boiler that many installers know inside-out. Generally, and historically speaking,low NOx boilers tend to be larger in size or have a different burner technology – often a modulating
or two stage oil burner – both of which come at a higher cost than the burners we have been used to for the last 30-40 years. A modulating burner is also more complicated and expensive than a conventional burner due to its volume of components.

Taking this into account, we have enhanced our Greenstar range of oil appliances to achieve the lower NOx emissions levels of 120mg/kWh, without increasing the size of the boiler or integrating a modulating oil burner. The result is a hybrid burner, somewhere in between a blue flame and a yellow flame, that, crucially, gives us the NOx emissions required by the ErP Directive.

Bosch launches industry first connected control for commercial boilers

Published: 23-03-2018 

On Monday 26th March Bosch Commercial and Industrial will introduce the Control 8000, a revolutionary, industry first, internet connected commercial boiler control which is set to provide a significant step change in the operation of medium and large commercial heating systems.

The intelligent connected commercial control is fully compatible with GB162 boilers and sets the bar to a new high with a contemporary aesthetic, ease of use, and the potential to either complement or act as an alternative to a BMS.

For more information on Bosch Commercial and Industrial and its range of heating, cooling and hot water technologies, please visit or call 01527 910 345.