Air-Conditioning Repair

Air-Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Issues?

Look no further. We have been providing our customers with only the highest quality Air-Conditioning Repairs.

We repair every make and model of any age. 


Having issues with your Air-Conditioning unit?

Here are just a few signs that you may need an Air-Conditioning repair!

If you happen to have your air-conditioning unit on quite regularly, you'll know what it sounds like when functioning properly as it will be part of the background noise you experience every day! If it's not sounding regular it might be time to call for an air-conditioning repair!

1."My Air-Conditioning Unit keeps making weird noises!

Small amounts of condensation is perfectly normal for the air conditioning unit, an excess of this is a definite indication of issues. Due to your air conditioner having delicate electrical components they must be protected from water to ensure the unit does not break, luckily we're here to help! Book your Air-Conditioning Repair now!

2. "My Air-Conditioning Unit is leaking water!" 

​Bad or strange odours that come from your air-conditioning unit suggest that there is some form of dirt or mould within your unit. This then means that possibly contaminated air is circulating your home. Our high quality Air-Conditioning Repair will not only rid you of bad smells but also help protect your home from potential airborne health issues. 

3. "My Air-Conditioning Unit is giving off a funny smell!" 

4. "My Air-Conditioning Unit has ice building up!"

Much like an excessive amount of water surrounding your unit is an indication of problems, so too does frost or ice. If ice or frost is building up around your Air-Conditioning unit there is a possibility for blocked or restricted airflow, progressing into a build-up of ice. This does not only reduce the efficiency of your unit, it will also increase the cost of running it- as well as possibly (and quite literally) freezing over! Book your Air-Conditioning Repair today!

5."My Air-Conditioning Unit is short cycling!" 

Keep in mind that it is normal for your air-conditioning unit to cycle on and off to ensure a set temperature is maintained throughout your property. However if you have began to notice that the frequency of which it is switching on and off has increased it does indicate that your air-conditioning unit may be malfunctioning. Undergoing short cycling increases the stress put on your unit and in some case can cause it to fail entirely if not addressed in the appropriate manner. Book your high quality Air-Conditioning Repair now!